Log Burner Installation and Flue Lining Service
Burton on Trent – Serving The Midlands

Choosing the Right Log Burner Installation

Packington Chimney Services are the expert log burner installers with many years experience. We have been installing log burners throughout the Midlands for many years.

Wood burning stove installations by our HETAS registered stove fitter will make a difference your home by not only heating your home efficiently and more cost effectively, but also by creating a heart warming centre piece to be proud of.

Packington Chimney Services are the experts in wood burning stoves installations who will provide a no obligation free home survey with advice to help you choose the best wood burning stove to install in your home.

Whether we install a contemporary wood burning stove or help you fit a traditional wood burning stove, your installation will really enhance your home & your life by keeping you nice and warm whilst saving money.  To achieve this we work with you to understand the best size log burner along with design of the stove.

Having a wood burning stove installation is an eco-friendly way of heating your home with a carbon neutral wood burning stove. With our guidance, you could even even have us install a wood burning stove into 2 ground floor rooms and turn your heating off!

The Log Burner & Flue Lining Specialists

Our Hetas registered wood burning stove fitters install wood burning stove flues into your existing chimney using twin wall flexible liners

After fitting your log burner or multi fuel stove, our HETAS fitter will sign off the installation ensuring it has complied with HETAS stove fitting regulations. As skilled chimney lining engineers, we guide you through the stove installation on the day of fitting and show you how the stove works.

We will also leave a wood burning stove guide to help you correctly season your stove for the first 3 fires, increasing the fuel each time to cure the stove and fire cements. We want you to enjoy your stove for many years to come!

We can install a wood burning stove in most rooms and in in most properties or buildings, ensuring the installation conforms to section J of building regulations.

With many years experience and training we are able to advise and suggest the best stove for the room(s) for the right heat output.

We have a wide range of stoves available to recommend and if you have already bought your stove, we can fit that for you too!

Check out our Gallery Page for some examples of our work.

Chimney Lining

If your chimney is damaged or leaking it may require relining with a stainless steel liner. Packington Chimney Services are the expert HETAS registered liners and chimney here ready to help you.

Many high efficiency stoves extract most heat from the combustion process meaning the flue gasses produced may be too cold to work within a brick chimney. In these cases it may a relining will be required for the existing flue. Also important in these cases is to insulate the new / replacement liner with fireproof back-fill. This ensures an adequate updraught.

At Packington we have specialised leakage testing and camera surveying equipment to assess whether or not the existing flue is suitable for either the existing setup or for a new installation. In many cases it is and no relining is necessary.

It is the responsibility of the home owner to seek planning permission from the local authority before installing a stainless steel liner.  However, the added benefit of using a HETAS registered installer is that this is not required. As a HETAS engineer we can self certify own own work. This simplifies the process and speeds up the project.

At Packington Chimney Services, we are experts in all chimney related services which include:

  • Repairing chimney stacks (we are qualified bricklayers)
  • Building and repairing brick fireplaces.
  • Fitting chimney pots
  • Fitting Rotor Cowls to prevent down draughts and increase up draught
  • Chimney Sweeping and Testing to BS6461 and BS5871
  • Fitting Anti Bird/Squirrel guards
One of the stylish stoves we have installed to create a beautiful fireplace

A log burning stove installation from Packington truly is a beautiful yet practical addition to any home.